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Burp a Bottle, Save the Planet

It makes me really happy when I see dents in my shampoo or conditioner bottles. They remind me that by worrying more about the environment than I do about appearances, I’m helping to save the planet.

Inspiration Shampoo and Conditioner are packaged in PET plastic bottles. Through extensive testing and analysis, PET has achieved global recognition within the scientific community as a non-toxic, recyclable, safe material for the storage of food and beverages. You can recognize PET by the recyclable “1” on the bottom of containers.

Because of its physical properties, PET plastic can sometimes compress slightly in shipping. The contents inside remain perfect, but the bottle gets a slightly indented look. To make it go away, all you have to do is burp the bottle by opening it slightly to let air in and then closing it firmly.

Most personal care products on the market are packaged in High Density Polyethylene, recognizable by the “2” on the bottom of containers. While it is also recyclable, High Density Polyethylene is not as environmentally friendly as PET plastic.

Because High Density Polyethylene is more rigid, it makes for more photo-friendly bottles that don’t become indented or compressed in shipping – which is why many manufacturers choose it to make sure their products are as attractive as possible.

We want our bottles to be pretty, but it’s more important to us to keep the earth beautiful. So we’re going to stay with PET plastic, and we hope you don’t mind the occasional dent. If you do, just give that bottle a burp.

We encourage you to learn more about PET plastic, safety and sustainability at http://www.factsonpet.com/facts-on-pet/.


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