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Post Series: Healthy, Fit and Strong

I’ve had more lives than a cat. Before I went back to work full-time in advertising, I spent 15+ years as a group fitness instructor. I taught it all – from kickboxing to yoga to strength and step, with a few other formats thrown in as well. During that time, a lot of class participants asked my advice about how to achieve their fitness objectives. Some wanted to lose weight, some wanted to get healthier and some wanted to look better. In the end, though, they all had the same goal – to get into shape.

For every single one of these people, the formula is the same. That’s right – there’s only one way to achieve your fitness goals. And I’m going to tell it to you, right here and now.

Eat right and work out.

There – I just saved you hundreds of dollars on branded meal plans, fitness books, and personal gurus.

You might be rolling your eyes right now – in fact you probably are. But try this: all those nutrition trends, from paleo to vegan, work because they improve your food intake habits. And all those fitness programs, from Zumba to Crossfit, work because they get you moving, building strength and burning fat. In other words, you eat better and you work out.

That said, there are a lot of ways to work out, and a lot of ways to eat. This site is going to explore them all, or at least all the ones we can find.

It’s a fun path, and along the road you’ll find yourself feeling better in a lot of wonderful ways.

Let’s get started!

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