Lets Put An End To Skinny

Stop talking about “skinny”

“Skinny” is a powerful word. Just put it in the brand name of your product and watch it fly off the shelves. Research shows us that girls as young as five – or as young as three in another study – think they’re fat.

Ending this madness begins with adults learning to behave better. Here are some good ways to start.

1. Don’t starve yourself.

It should be pretty well understood by everyone at this point that starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight. It throws your metabolism into disarray and leads to disordered eating. Once you turn food into an enemy, it becomes impossible to eat in any normal way.

2. Learn how to eat a healthful diet.

There are literally thousands of blogs on this topic, and I’ll be writing about it more in the future as well. But if you really want guidance you need to be sure you’re getting it from a reputable source. Anyone who has bikini photos on their blog is not likely to be a nutritionist – I’m not ruling it out, but do be sure the person who’s guiding you has a strong knowledge of nutrition. To break it down to the basics, the more something is processed, the less nutritious it is for your body. Much more on this topic in later posts.

3. Stop admiring pictures of thin celebrities and models.

Just stop. All the pictures you’re seeing are probably photoshopped, so admiring them just perpetuates an unattainable standard.

4. Use positive language around your kids.

They are learning all the basics from you and taking them out into the world. Give them positivity and strength so that when they get negative outside influences, they have a basis of truth to fall back on. When you talk to them, talk about making healthful eating choices rather than going on a diet. When you give yourself a treat, don’t call it cheating or act like you’re breaking rules. Don’t skip meals. And don’t use negative body-image language to talk about yourself or anyone else. 

Let’s take “skinny” off the menu and replace it with “healthy”. 

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