Every single year my skin completely dries up on the exact date and time fall arrives – no matter the temperature. Regardless of my oily, breakout prone skin, my skin needs extra TLC in the chillier months. Lately I’ve been browsing the internet for products and reviews to try anything compared to what I’ve been using from a *top name* beauty supply store – particularly after thinking to myself, “is this product even making a difference?” for the amount I had been paying, just didn’t seem to justify itself.

After stumbling upon the Bright Planet shampoo products & reviews, I found this gem. I was a little wary of using a product that contained witch hazel extract as an ingredient for my sensitive skin, but I’m so glad I gave this baby a try. At night, I massage this on my face, neck and décolletage in the shower to remove any makeup, let it sit for a bit, rinse, then follow up again with some of the soap lathered onto a washcloth to exfoliate the same areas (a method that has cleared my skin drastically). I repeat the same routine in the morning sans the washcloth.

I have to say the results stunned me after the first use.

The scent is from fresh ingredients only (a big plus); the consistency is awesome. This soap feels so luxurious to use, I almost hate to use it as much as I do – a “problem” I’ve never had with any other product I’ve ever used. I actually noticed that my skin seemed to need less of the serum & moisturizer products I use after washing my face, yet my skin felt like velvet. I can’t recommend this product any higher!