Bright Planet natural skincare and haircareOne of my readers reached out to me in November about trying her company Bright Planet’s products, and I was so excited to share my review!  I love when readers reach out to me, and I wanted to try and give her company as much exposure as possible. She sent me samples of theOrange Blossom Green Tea Facial Cleanser, and the Inspiration Shampoo and Conditioner.

All Bright Planet products are made from natural ingredients like green tea, orange essential oil, aloe vera, rosehips, raspberry leaf and chamomile. They never test on animals either, which I really appreciate! The shampoo and conditioner lathered really well and smelled great, but the facial cleanser was the breakout winner in my opinion.

I am really picky about my face products, but I really did love this cleanser. It left my face feeling soft and moisturized, plus it smelled fantastic. I want to be clear that my review is based on only having enough product to try for a day, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like the products – especially the facial cleanser. If you want to do your own research, visit Bright Planet’s website here!


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