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You buy once – we give twice to help feed children in need

I founded Bright Planet on the idea of helping people and giving back. From my early forays into green energy, to writing a blog with tips on health, nutrition and making peace with yourself (and others), to the line of pure and natural products, making things better for you and the world around you is wired into the brand’s DNA.

That’s why, when I happened across the company KUTOA, a company dedicated to feeding children in need, I knew right away that I wanted to form a partnership that would let me go even farther in giving back.

I’m really thrilled to announce here that through this partnership, your Bright Planet purchases will trigger not one but two donations to help children.

How does it work? Simple – right now and through the month of January, when you make a Bright Planet purchase using a campaign code we will donate the cost of a KUTOA bar. In this way we’ll be giving twice for each purchase: first through directly donating the bars we purchase, and second, through KUTOA’s own work providing a nutritious meal for a child for each bar purchased. So your purchase will feed two children: one in the US and another either also in the US or overseas.

The first campaign is running right now! Act now and use coupon code HELPKIDS when you buy.

With malnutrition the number one cause of childhood mortality worldwide, you can make a meaningful difference right now. Since 2011, KUTOA has provided almost 200,000 meals, and it’s our objective to help raise that number even faster.

You buy once, we give twice. And you get to luxuriate in 100% natural skincare and haircare with the knowledge that you’re doing good for yourself and for the world.

What could be better than that?

Read about KUTOA, their cause and founder Joey Grassia’s story, on their website.

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